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Should Your Listings Have Drone Photography

Maintaining a foothold in today’s extremely competitive housing market means agents everywhere are vying for the latest and greatest in marketing solutions to ensure closing rates. One question many are asking is whether aerial photography is worth the investment.

In our opinion, there are three distinct scenarios in which drone photography can be a huge asset in moving your listing to the forefront of buyers’ “favorite” lists.

The Dramatic Domicile

Sometimes, it is all about the drama. When your buyer has a close to 50/50 chance of submitting an offer online before ever stepping foot in your home, an amazing gallery can very well be the deciding factor.

An aerial shot from a second-story vaulted ceiling down onto an open-concept floor plan, or one that shows a wide-angle perspective across a sweeping second story balcony can be exactly the “drama” a future owner is willing to pay for.

It’s also a great way for potential homebuyers to get a sneak peek behind privacy fences in order to confirm the area is the one they really want to be in.

When It’s Rated Walkable

Speaking of areas homebuyers want to be in, walkability is one U.S. trend sweeping our cityscapes. When your real estate listing is scored as walkable, drone photography is the perfect visual to pair with those description details.


Because offering a birds-eye-view of the new neighborhood can reveal exactly what is within walking distance, when a potential buyer might want to opt for a bike ride, or which routes (and shortcuts) are available.

There are varying degrees of walkability, of course. But even if your home is rated as only being able to walk to a few areas of interest – a park or a few restaurants or stores, for example – shots from above are a perfect way to share.   

A Sweeping Estate

Last, when you are selling a high-end property or one with extended acreage, drone photography is a must.

Sweeping shots of a ranch, for instance, can reveal wooded areas, watering holes, and the lay of the land for whatever dreams potential buyers plan to realize. Overhead photos of large-scale homes and the property surrounding them can offer scale that individual photos simply can’t capture.

This is one of many bells and whistles a high-end buyer is going to expect as a standard to the higher price point your property will command.

Ultimately, we believe drone photography is worth the investment, but not in every case. There is a fine line between what a buyer sees as a thorough and informative listing and overkill with no reason to pursue a home further.

If you have a particular property for which you are considering drone photography, but aren’t sure whether it’s worth the investment, give us a call. We’ll be happy to offer our advice!

Why You Should Hire a Professional for MLS Photos

Years ago, before online real estate listings were a thing, a drive-by was the main way a potential buyer could assess a home that was on sale. Back then, even if a buyer was just looking, they probably had to attend an open house to get a glimpse of the listing.

Those were the days when curb appeal was so important that a buyer might lose interest in a home just because there were weeds or dead grass on the driveway - regardless of how great the home was on the inside. Conversely, a listing with a great curb appeal often performed very well on the market.

These days, however, technology has changed the game completely. The vast majority of buyers now search for their homes online. Consequently, photos might be not just your best, but in many cases your only shot at impressing potential buyers.

Professional Shots Are Taken to Impress - and Sell

Most buyers have limited time to review the photos in an MLS listing. At most, you have about 20-30 seconds to impress a buyer with your property photos. If your photos reflect poorly on your property, buyers will quickly skim over your listing and move on to the next one.

So, while it might seem easier to take listing photos yourself using your smartphone, you should know that your shots are unlikely to measure up to the quality of professional real estate photography done by an experienced, well-equipped photographer. An experienced real estate photographer will draw buyers in through exceptional presentation of your property.

Professional Skill, Experience, nd Equipment Gives Your Listing An Upper Hand

The current real estate market is a competitive one. Listings that stand out or “pop” have a significant advantage over other properties. You can make your MLS listing “pop” by posting the type of pictures that show your property at its very best.

A professional photographer does his or her best to make your property look as beautiful as possible - sometimes even more beautiful than it does in real life. Unlike professional photos, amatuer pictures can be grainy, with tilted floors and walls, and colors that are simply off.

Professional photographers also know a lot about staging a room before taking photos. This is incredibly important, because most your rooms will not be camera-ready if you shoot them yourself.

We understand that there are some incredibly talented shutterbugs in our midst. However, real estate photography requires special equipment and tools that you might not have. The cameras you use may, for instance, have numerous shortcomings. These shortcomings could, for example, make your window with the amazing view look like a wall of white light. Or cause impressive architectural designs to warp into strange, unappealing shapes.

That’s not the kind of first impressions that attracts buyers.

The Numbers Get Better With Professional Photos

Statistically speaking, professional photos generate about 60% more online views than point-and-click photos. Moreover, listings with professional photos generally command higher prices than those with amateur photos. Finally, homes priced at over $200,000 sell faster when the listing features professional photography.

So, what are you waiting for? Turn off the camera function and use your phone as a -- you know -- phone! The sooner you give us a call, the faster we can help you get your property sold.

Preparing the Home for a Real Estate Photo Shoot

Eye-catching photos of a home can make a big difference in the number of interested buyers. In fact, high-quality images help homes sell 32% faster and command a 47% higher asking price per square foot.

At DMD Real Estate Photography, we have you covered when it comes to getting excellent visuals to showcase a property. Our dedicated and talented photographers will capture a home’s best angles, regardless of geographical, structural, or seasonal challenges.

You (and the sellers) can also help by preparing the home properly for the real estate photo shoot.

What can you do?

Clear the Clutter

Remember, it doesn’t need to be clean. It just needs to appear clean. You can sweep all that mess into a drawer or cabinet and deal with it later.

But don’t get rid of absolutely everything. That can make a room appear too cold and barren. Instead, each surface should have only two or three deliberately chosen items. Think of them as props that help showcase the features of your home.

If the seller has trouble selecting those items, our photographers can help point them in the right direction.

Also, be sure to clean all surfaces, mirrors, and floors. We may be able to edit out or photograph around small smudges or marks, but it’s hard to hide dirty floors or scummy mirrors even with the best tricks.

Don’t Forget the Outside

Call a lawn service. Trim the bushes. Park the car in the garage (or across the street). And definitely put those garbage cans away. You want the home’s exterior to look as good as the interior — if not better!

The garage is a great place to “hide away” outdoor mess — unless it has features that you’d like to highlight in the shoot.

Like the interior, you should consider leaving a few outdoor “props” that highlight the features of the property.  For example, you could place an attractive shovel up against a tool shed.

Give the House a Facelift by Painting

The photos we take are meant to appeal to potential buyers. If the walls of a home can be described as unflattering, the seller should consider repainting. Fresh paint also signals a well-maintained house that attracts buyers.

Generally, it’s best to go with neutral paints or whites and grays. Vivid colors may only appeal to certain buyers. They do not always have a broad appeal.

Make Small Renovations

Great photos may be wasted on a house that screams 1970. While there are many antique lovers out there, most buyers will generally stay away from a home that looks or feels too old, so it can help to renovate or upgrade some of the outdated aspects of the home before you call in the photo shoot crew.

However, sellers should know that most major renovations may not always recoup all of the costs. A $60,000 kitchen upgrade may, for instance, increase the home value by about $40,000.

Instead, consider smaller renovations. All that matters is the first impression that buyers get when they look at the property photos. The goal should be to make things look good on camera, so buyers will give the home a chance.

For example, you don’t have to replace the kitchen cabinets entirely. It’s enough to simply repaint them or replace their doors. Similarly, instead of buying a new tub for the bathroom, just reglaze the one that’s already there, and it’ll look as good as new.

Let Natural Light Brighten Up the Home

Some of the most beautiful real estate photos come from homes that are lit by natural light, and photos taken in natural light tend to grab the attention of the typical house hunter.

So, open those curtains, raise those shades, and let natural light flood your house! In fact, you’ll find that’s one of the first things our photographers do when setting up a room for a shoot. But we always appreciate a hand — particularly from sellers. After all, they know all the potential sources of natural lighting best.

That natural lighting will go a long way into helping our photographers capture the natural beauty of a home.

Give Us a Call for Your Next Real Estate Photo Shoot

We’re excited to help you with your next photo shoot. Feel free to call us with any questions you have about best preparing the home. And our photographers can offer suggestions on-site for staging and other easy changes that can be made just before the shoot. We’ll make sure the final images make an impact with potential buyers!