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Should Your Listings Have Drone Photography

Maintaining a foothold in today’s extremely competitive housing market means agents everywhere are vying for the latest and greatest in marketing solutions to ensure closing rates. One question many are asking is whether aerial photography is worth the investment.

In our opinion, there are three distinct scenarios in which drone photography can be a huge asset in moving your listing to the forefront of buyers’ “favorite” lists.

The Dramatic Domicile

Sometimes, it is all about the drama. When your buyer has a close to 50/50 chance of submitting an offer online before ever stepping foot in your home, an amazing gallery can very well be the deciding factor.

An aerial shot from a second-story vaulted ceiling down onto an open-concept floor plan, or one that shows a wide-angle perspective across a sweeping second story balcony can be exactly the “drama” a future owner is willing to pay for.

It’s also a great way for potential homebuyers to get a sneak peek behind privacy fences in order to confirm the area is the one they really want to be in.

When It’s Rated Walkable

Speaking of areas homebuyers want to be in, walkability is one U.S. trend sweeping our cityscapes. When your real estate listing is scored as walkable, drone photography is the perfect visual to pair with those description details.


Because offering a birds-eye-view of the new neighborhood can reveal exactly what is within walking distance, when a potential buyer might want to opt for a bike ride, or which routes (and shortcuts) are available.

There are varying degrees of walkability, of course. But even if your home is rated as only being able to walk to a few areas of interest – a park or a few restaurants or stores, for example – shots from above are a perfect way to share.   

A Sweeping Estate

Last, when you are selling a high-end property or one with extended acreage, drone photography is a must.

Sweeping shots of a ranch, for instance, can reveal wooded areas, watering holes, and the lay of the land for whatever dreams potential buyers plan to realize. Overhead photos of large-scale homes and the property surrounding them can offer scale that individual photos simply can’t capture.

This is one of many bells and whistles a high-end buyer is going to expect as a standard to the higher price point your property will command.

Ultimately, we believe drone photography is worth the investment, but not in every case. There is a fine line between what a buyer sees as a thorough and informative listing and overkill with no reason to pursue a home further.

If you have a particular property for which you are considering drone photography, but aren’t sure whether it’s worth the investment, give us a call. We’ll be happy to offer our advice!