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Preparing the Home for a Real Estate Photo Shoot

Eye-catching photos of a home can make a big difference in the number of interested buyers. In fact, high-quality images help homes sell 32% faster and command a 47% higher asking price per square foot.

At DMD Real Estate Photography, we have you covered when it comes to getting excellent visuals to showcase a property. Our dedicated and talented photographers will capture a home’s best angles, regardless of geographical, structural, or seasonal challenges.

You (and the sellers) can also help by preparing the home properly for the real estate photo shoot.

What can you do?

Clear the Clutter

Remember, it doesn’t need to be clean. It just needs to appear clean. You can sweep all that mess into a drawer or cabinet and deal with it later.

But don’t get rid of absolutely everything. That can make a room appear too cold and barren. Instead, each surface should have only two or three deliberately chosen items. Think of them as props that help showcase the features of your home.

If the seller has trouble selecting those items, our photographers can help point them in the right direction.

Also, be sure to clean all surfaces, mirrors, and floors. We may be able to edit out or photograph around small smudges or marks, but it’s hard to hide dirty floors or scummy mirrors even with the best tricks.

Don’t Forget the Outside

Call a lawn service. Trim the bushes. Park the car in the garage (or across the street). And definitely put those garbage cans away. You want the home’s exterior to look as good as the interior — if not better!

The garage is a great place to “hide away” outdoor mess — unless it has features that you’d like to highlight in the shoot.

Like the interior, you should consider leaving a few outdoor “props” that highlight the features of the property.  For example, you could place an attractive shovel up against a tool shed.

Give the House a Facelift by Painting

The photos we take are meant to appeal to potential buyers. If the walls of a home can be described as unflattering, the seller should consider repainting. Fresh paint also signals a well-maintained house that attracts buyers.

Generally, it’s best to go with neutral paints or whites and grays. Vivid colors may only appeal to certain buyers. They do not always have a broad appeal.

Make Small Renovations

Great photos may be wasted on a house that screams 1970. While there are many antique lovers out there, most buyers will generally stay away from a home that looks or feels too old, so it can help to renovate or upgrade some of the outdated aspects of the home before you call in the photo shoot crew.

However, sellers should know that most major renovations may not always recoup all of the costs. A $60,000 kitchen upgrade may, for instance, increase the home value by about $40,000.

Instead, consider smaller renovations. All that matters is the first impression that buyers get when they look at the property photos. The goal should be to make things look good on camera, so buyers will give the home a chance.

For example, you don’t have to replace the kitchen cabinets entirely. It’s enough to simply repaint them or replace their doors. Similarly, instead of buying a new tub for the bathroom, just reglaze the one that’s already there, and it’ll look as good as new.

Let Natural Light Brighten Up the Home

Some of the most beautiful real estate photos come from homes that are lit by natural light, and photos taken in natural light tend to grab the attention of the typical house hunter.

So, open those curtains, raise those shades, and let natural light flood your house! In fact, you’ll find that’s one of the first things our photographers do when setting up a room for a shoot. But we always appreciate a hand — particularly from sellers. After all, they know all the potential sources of natural lighting best.

That natural lighting will go a long way into helping our photographers capture the natural beauty of a home.

Give Us a Call for Your Next Real Estate Photo Shoot

We’re excited to help you with your next photo shoot. Feel free to call us with any questions you have about best preparing the home. And our photographers can offer suggestions on-site for staging and other easy changes that can be made just before the shoot. We’ll make sure the final images make an impact with potential buyers!