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Why You Should Hire a Professional for MLS Photos

Years ago, before online real estate listings were a thing, a drive-by was the main way a potential buyer could assess a home that was on sale. Back then, even if a buyer was just looking, they probably had to attend an open house to get a glimpse of the listing.

Those were the days when curb appeal was so important that a buyer might lose interest in a home just because there were weeds or dead grass on the driveway - regardless of how great the home was on the inside. Conversely, a listing with a great curb appeal often performed very well on the market.

These days, however, technology has changed the game completely. The vast majority of buyers now search for their homes online. Consequently, photos might be not just your best, but in many cases your only shot at impressing potential buyers.

Professional Shots Are Taken to Impress - and Sell

Most buyers have limited time to review the photos in an MLS listing. At most, you have about 20-30 seconds to impress a buyer with your property photos. If your photos reflect poorly on your property, buyers will quickly skim over your listing and move on to the next one.

So, while it might seem easier to take listing photos yourself using your smartphone, you should know that your shots are unlikely to measure up to the quality of professional real estate photography done by an experienced, well-equipped photographer. An experienced real estate photographer will draw buyers in through exceptional presentation of your property.

Professional Skill, Experience, nd Equipment Gives Your Listing An Upper Hand

The current real estate market is a competitive one. Listings that stand out or “pop” have a significant advantage over other properties. You can make your MLS listing “pop” by posting the type of pictures that show your property at its very best.

A professional photographer does his or her best to make your property look as beautiful as possible - sometimes even more beautiful than it does in real life. Unlike professional photos, amatuer pictures can be grainy, with tilted floors and walls, and colors that are simply off.

Professional photographers also know a lot about staging a room before taking photos. This is incredibly important, because most your rooms will not be camera-ready if you shoot them yourself.

We understand that there are some incredibly talented shutterbugs in our midst. However, real estate photography requires special equipment and tools that you might not have. The cameras you use may, for instance, have numerous shortcomings. These shortcomings could, for example, make your window with the amazing view look like a wall of white light. Or cause impressive architectural designs to warp into strange, unappealing shapes.

That’s not the kind of first impressions that attracts buyers.

The Numbers Get Better With Professional Photos

Statistically speaking, professional photos generate about 60% more online views than point-and-click photos. Moreover, listings with professional photos generally command higher prices than those with amateur photos. Finally, homes priced at over $200,000 sell faster when the listing features professional photography.

So, what are you waiting for? Turn off the camera function and use your phone as a -- you know -- phone! The sooner you give us a call, the faster we can help you get your property sold.