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6 Cleaning Tips to Prepare a House for Real Estate Photos

Look around your house. Would you buy it the way that it is right now?

Keeping your home clean and organized will send the right message to buyers. Without a clean home, buyers may wonder how well the plumbing, air conditioning, and other inner workings of the house have been taken care of. A clean home will put more potential buyers at ease and allow them to enjoy looking at and walking through the space.

You’ve already hired a professional real estate photographer… and that is a solid investment. But you won’t be able to make the most of your investment unless you clean up and arrange the furniture properly.

Use these six tips to get your house in order before you have a professional photographer immortalize for all of your potential buyers.

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Ding dong! When potential buyers arrive for a tour, the first thing that they are going to see when they open the front door is the view from that door. Moreover, this is also a prime spot for photographers to shoot.

As you rearrange your furniture, consider what can be seen while someone stands there at the doorway looking in. You want the space to feel lived-in, but also spacious and open and attractive.

Leave the pets with a friend. If possible, about a week before your shoot, get any four-legged friends (or slithering or flying ones) out of the house. You don’t want your pictures to include any pet hair or stains that they might have left behind, getting them out helps in two ways.

First, it makes it easier for you to clean. Second, having your pets around the house may undo all the hard work you put into cleaning up after them.

Hire the best. A deep clean of your home is an investment. It will produce better pictures and show clients that you are professional, organized, and someone worth working with.

Consider hiring professional cleaners or landscapers to get your home in the best shape.

Put it in storage. Get a head start on packing while you clear the clutter from your home. Potential home buyers will get the most out of a simply furnished home with a small amount of personal items – this way, they can see the potential of the home, but also picture themselves living in it.

Utilize all the storage space in your home by putting away unnecessary items: electronic cords, small appliances, personal decorations, and so on.

Consult home buying magazines. To give your home model status, check out real estate magazines or home décor catalogues. Pay attention to the way the beds are made, pillows are placed, and furniture is arranged. Arrange your home after these pictures and make it look like it was set up by a professional. Or even better, use a home staging company to handle this process for you.

For more tips on how to best present your home to potential buyers, contact DMD Real Estate Photography today.