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The Problem with DIY Real Estate Photography

You know that having good pictures for your listings is hugely important in getting them to sell. But do you really need to pay for a professional real estate photographer? 

After all, you’ve got a smartphone that takes really good pictures. Maybe you even took a photography course or two in high school or college.

Isn’t it smarter to save a few bucks and just do it yourself?

As professional real estate photographers who have captured images of thousands of homes across Alaska since 2009, we at DMD have encountered this line of thinking countless times. And we get it. 

After all, everyone takes pictures, right? You know the basics. And you’ve even gotten some good shots, if you do say yourself. Why not just cut out the middleman?

Obviously, the ultimate decision is up to you. But we wanted to give you a little taste of problems that clients have told us about when they decided to go this route.

Let’s dive in.

Non-Professional Photographers Are More Likely to Make Technical Mistakes

This is obvious, right? It’s something that’s true in just about every profession and industry. So why should it be any different for photography?

Yes, everyone knows how to take a picture. But are you trained in the art of lighting, framing, and other techniques that help them show off the potential of a home? 

Chances are, the answer is no.

But our real estate photographers at DMD are. And they’ll make sure you get the best possible image every single time. Which brings us to... 

It’s Not Just Quality, but Consistency

Anyone can take a good photo or two. But that’s not what you need from your home listing gallery.

You need a complete set of flawless images that feel like they’re telling a house’s story. In other words, you need them to be consistently good.

No shots where you accidentally caught your reflection in a mirror. No pictures where the sun or a lightbulb resulted in glare. No low-light shots where things are difficult to see.

If you let in even one bad apple, it can spoil the whole bunch and turn potential buyers off. DMD won’t let this happen.

High-Quality Photos Require High-Quality Gear 

Your smartphone can do wonders - but not when you need the best-looking photos possible. 

In order to showcase a home in the best lighting, properly show the space available, and get a good view of the land, you’ll need a lot of gear. Drones. The best cameras on the market. Stands and stabilizers. You name it. 

Renting (or buying) that gear is probably not something that you have in your budget even if you do know how to use it.

At DMD, it’s part of the overall package.

Professional Real Estate Photographers Know the “Rules”

Why spend the time taking your own curb shot when Google Street View already has one? Wouldn’t it make your pictures more interesting and festive to include a Christmas lights or other holiday decorations?

If you’re not a professional real estate photographer, these might seem like good ideas. But they’re really not.


Well, take Google Street View images, for example. Yes, you get a curb shot. But is it a good one? Most have poor lighting. They usually aren’t framed well. And they often capture vehicles or other obstacles to truly seeing the home’s curb appeal. Not exactly how you want to appeal to potential buyers.

As for including holiday decor, think about the season. Christmas lights might play well heading into the season (maybe). But how do you think it will look if potential buyers are perusing your listing in January? Plus, it doesn’t give buyers the chance to see what the house looks like without those decorations. Generally speaking, it’s best to stay away from images that include items that will only be up for a short time like decorations.

With DIY Real Estate Photography, You’re Selling Yourself Short

Still not convinced? Worried about the cost of real estate photographers?

How about this little tidbit… homes with high-quality images get 47% more per square foot than homes without them. You’re literally costing yourself money by going the DIY route.

Don’t do it! 

The team at DMD Real Estate Photography is ready and willing to help — you just have to call. We offer services in Anchorage, Eagle River, Palmer, Wasilla, and Fairbanks. Hope to hear from you soon.

What To Look For When Choosing a Real Estate Photographer

Here at DMD, we can help you sell a home faster and for a higher price. But how can you be sure that you should choose us?

After all, not all real estate photographers are created equal. Moreover, many offer different packages and services. Consider the following factors before you make a decision.

Available Services 

DMD offers all of the following services: 

Different types of visual imagery can show off different angles and aspects of a property. Without a drone, for example, you won’t be able to show buyers the expansiveness of the land — a feature that’s often a big selling point in Alaska. And without a 3D tour, buyers may not be able to view the stunning high ceilings. 

Think about what you want to show off before you searching for packages and photographers. And make sure your ultimate choice can do all the things you want. 


What are the photographer’s clients saying about their service? Check Yelp, Facebook, and other social media platforms to read reviews before you commit.

Since 2009, DMD has photographed thousands of homes across Alaska. Most of our clients use our services again and again and again.

Another way to check out the photographer’s past work is to view their portfolio. If you’re impressed with the portfolio, you’ll most likely be impressed with the photos they take of homes. Check out ours!

Local Businesses vs. “Corporate” Photographers

How many people are involved in the photography business? Do they offer services throughout the country or just in your area? 

We may be a bit biased, but we believe that local photographers know what homebuyers respond to when shopping in the area. 

Moreover, our photographers know when to schedule shoots to get the best lighting (trust us, that’s extremely important in Alaska) and the websites where these photos will appear. 

Their local knowledge is paramount to the effectiveness of their photos.

Additionally, one of the problems that commonly arises with bigger companies is that they can be hard to reach, and shoots can take more time to coordinate.

At DMD, we understand that you want the photos taken as soon as possible. That’s why we offer an online booking form - so you can get started right away. 

Learn Why DMD Real Estate Photography Is the Choice of So Many Across Alaska

Our expert photographers have helped realtors throughout Anchorage, Eagle River, Palmer, Wasilla, and Fairbanks sell homes with beautiful photo and video packages. 

Learn more about our services by checking out our website or getting in touch

Four Tips for Getting the Real Estate Photos You Want

Research shows photography can decrease your home’s time on the market by more than half. But in this competitive real estate market, you have to go above and beyond a standard set of photos to command the attention (and price) you want.

Here are five tips for getting the real estate photos you want for the greatest impact among potential homebuyers.

Stage for Dreaming, Not Home Décor Shopping

Looking at photos of an empty room makes it difficult for buyers to visualize the space. Appropriately furnishing can identify its purpose, provide scale, and show lighting in the room.

Staging can also effectively emphasize custom elements such as light fixtures, built-ins, and other design features in the home.

The key is remembering to avoid clutter and personal touches. It is difficult for buyers to dream if they become distracted by your personal style and décor.

Hire a Professional Photographer

Digital-savvy millennial homebuyers want stunning visuals – especially when they’re being asked to pay top dollar for a new home.

Professional real estate photographers are experienced in specific types of equipment, photo angles, best lighting practices, and editing your digital images in order to capture the most impressive pictures of your home.

Also, true industry professionals can offer virtual tours and drone imaging services, as well as accurately recommend when they are best-suited for showcasing your home (which isn’t always the case).

Don’t Forget Your Curb Appeal

Believe it or not, part of captivating the kind of buyers you want through a digital home listing includes curb appeal.  

Millennial homebuyers, currently the fastest-growing segment today, are just as interested in the outdoor aesthetic as they are the indoor one.

Listings that don’t begin with the front yard and end with the back have the potential for leaving your listing passed over in the blink of an eye.

Diversify Your Visual Media

There are three primary options for diversifying the presentation of your home for maximum impact. Discuss them with your real estate agent and photographer.

Floor Plans

Behind photographs and detailed information, the National Association of Realtors reports floor plans are the third-most important visual to include in real estate listings. It’s easy to add them, too.

3D Virtual Tours

The amount of home purchases being made sight-unseen has jumped to 45% according to Redfin. One primary reason? 3D-tour technology. It can be especially effective here in Alaska due to our proportion of out-of-state buyers.

Drone Shots

Drone photos are great for hard-to-reach angles that could wow potential buyers, as well as showing proximity to walkable community amenities. The option is usually a must for large, high-end properties and listings with acreage.

Do you have additional questions about snapping the perfect real estate photos?

Contact us! At DMD Real Estate Photography, we have been taking fantastic photos of local real estate since 2009.