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What Is a Custom Domain – and Why Is It Important?

Hosting sites and other services have made it easier than ever for small businesses and blogs to set up their own website. This bolsters your ability to communicate with potential clients and put your name out there.

You can choose from many services (Squarespace, Weebly, Wordpress, and so on) that allow you to easily set up your own website without the help of a professional coder or graphic designer. Many of these websites offer their services for free – too good to be true, right? The catch is, if you opt for the free plans many of these websites offer, you will have their site’s name attached to your URL. (For example, your website would be www.yourbusiness.wordpress.com instead of just www.yourbusiness.com.)

So, should you pay the monthly or yearly fee for your own custom domain name? Is it worth it?

If you want your business to be taken seriously – yes.

There are a few reasons to consider paying for a custom domain for your website:

Simplicity – Using your hosting site’s default address turns into a mouthful when you’re talking to clients. You’re also asking them to remember more. And that extra word might take up a lot of room on your tiny business cards.

Better Search Results – There are many realtors in the business of selling homes. It’s important for potential clients to find your website before they find anyone else. A custom domain will improve your search ranking, which means getting your business in front of the eyeballs of more clients quicker.

Legitimacy – It’s simple: potential clients will take you more seriously if you have a custom domain. Having your own personal domain name speaks to both the legitimacy of your business as well as the standards to which you hold that business.  Why? Because a custom domain name looks polished and professional, giving clients the impression that you are a professional and a serious business owner.

Custom E-mail Addresses Having a custom domain name allows you to have a custom e-mail address where clients can reach you. This custom e-mail address shares all the same benefits of having a custom domain – simplicity, legitimacy, and so on. Having a custom e-mail address with your domain name also makes your contact information consistent, which is good both in terms of professionalism and ease of use for potential clients (the less they have to remember, the better!).

This is also an e-mail address that you can share with your employees, and when they leave, their e-mail, contacts, and files stay with you. This is not the case if you have employees using personal emails to conduct company business.  

If you want to take your realtor business to the next level by designing your own webpage, consider using a custom domain. It is a worthy investment that will leave a great impression on any potential and current clients.