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Commercial Work

Jaded Body Wellness and Spinal Institute - Commercial Photography

Lifestyle Commercial Photo Shoot

Photographing a Commercial Space

We had an opportunity recently to take some photos for a local Physical Therapy office's website and marketing materials.  They were looking for some updated images to show off their new space.  I was pretty excited when i saw the space and what they had done with it.  You could immediately tell that they spent some effort in making their offices inviting and comfortable for their clients.


I especially loved the artwork that was used throughout the space.  The photography they found was from Hawaii and it really stood out!

Architecture Photography with Models

This was new for me.  I have photographed thousands of buildings and homes over the years but have had very little opportunity to add people into the mix.  Luckily for me the staff at Jaded was incredible to work with and we were able to come up with some great shots showing how they work.  They really wanted to show their potential clients what it is like coming to their clinic.

If you are looking for a Physical Therapist in the valley - I would suggest checking this place out.  For more information you can visit their website at www.jadedak.com


Anchorage Alaska Temple Photoshoot

The Temple

As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, the temple is a special place.  This temple in particular is where I proposed to my wife ( a fun story, in and of it's self) as well as where we were sealed for time and all eternity.  A temple marriage is different from all other marriages because it is there that the sealing power is used to marry couples for all eternity!  What an incredible opportunity!

When I was asked to photograph the temple I of course was very excited.  I really wanted to find the right setting and to have it stand out!  It took some time and planning to get everything to come together at the right time and place, and I think we did it.  With the help of several people we were able to create this image of the Temple!  We took some creative license to really help it pop.

As an Architectural photographer I don't always get the opportunity to photograph something that means so much to me, so this was really special!

Creative Kitchen Designs, Inc Showroom - Anchorage Commercial Photographer

The Showroom

Main Showroom Floor

Over the past several years I have had the opportunity to work with Hollie and Danielle at Creative Kitchen Designs, Inc. many times.  I thoroughly enjoy photographing some of their kitchen designs, as well as bathrooms, mud rooms, laundry rooms, and pretty much any room you can install cabinets and countertops.  Recently they commissioned me to photograph their showroom for a NKBA - National Kitchen and Bath Association contest.

Danielle's Desk

Danielle's Desk

I had visited their showroom before so I knew what to expect on the day of the shoot.  I hadn't really payed attention to the details until I actually picked up the camera and started to make pictures.  This place has an incredible amount of material and ideas for such a small space!  I was really impressed!  From Kitchens to Bathrooms they had a great display of many different options.

Bathroom display

Bathroom display

bathroom vanity display

Kitchen display

Back of Showroom

Back of Showroom

I hope you would agree that this is a pretty incredible showroom!  If you are looking for some design work done - I recommend you give these ladies a call!

To see more of their work - Check out their profile on Houzz.com