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Deshka Landing Lodge: Sometimes We Dream A Little Bigger


One reason photographers step behind the camera is to capture what they find interesting and beautiful in the world and share it with folks who appreciate the same things. I would venture that the job is similar to that of a writer – we just create stories through pictures.

And specifically, as a real estate photographer, we are called upon to create dreams.

Most of the time, here in Alaska, our “stories” center around a single family carving out a life against gorgeous, largely untamed nature. Occasionally, though, we have the opportunity to tell a tale that’s a bit outside of that box.

Take the story of Deshka Landing Lodge for instance.

This up-to-date community lodge with five guest cabins and designated camping space stands an hour and a half north of Anchorage and only yards from a boat launch into the Susitna River. It was coming to market in 2017, creating a rare opportunity for potential buyers: the chance to acquire an established lodging and fishing charter business. The place was well-equipped, cabins fully-furnished, and the business turnkey.

Tourism reports estimated that two million tourists visited Alaska that year, spending $3.2 billion while they were here. Travelers want unique experiences, and Alaska is full of them for most people – traditional fishing, hunting and trapping, aurora watching, ice fishing, dog sledding, and so on.

That’s just part of the “story” of Deshka Landing Lodge, though.

Yes, it was bound to be a great, moneymaking investment for the right buyer. But its promise of adventure, recreation, and relaxation went beyond tourists – the owners would also get a slice of that life.

In a year where surveys showed striving for greater work-life balance winning out over both salary and a flexible schedule as the most important factor when evaluating a job prospect, it was a business for dreamers.

So that’s what we focused on in our photo shoots – the lifestyle of the lodge. The closeness to nature. The adventure. The dream.

Enter two dreamers: Jim, an avid fisherman and hunter, and his partner Maria, a motorcycle enthusiast and an impeccable quilter.

I can just imagine them searching for a nice little business to run. Something that would allow them to achieve the balance they’d been seeking and do work they felt passionate about.

When Kloud Realty pointed them toward the Deshka Landing Lodge listing, it was a match made in heaven. And, I like to think, the photos helped them to visualize themselves living that dream in all its glory.

By the end of June that year, the newest chapter of the Deshka Landing Lodge had begun. And travelers who’ve stayed since count themselves lucky it did.

Today, people from all over the world come to enjoy unforgettable Alaskan fishing experiences, homemade meals and family-style dinners, comfortable cabins, indoor and outdoor community areas, daily housekeeping, and fish processing/freezing services through the various packages Jim and Maria now offer.

These are the best kinds of real estate success stories in my opinion – when everyone involved has the chance to dream a little bigger.

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Capturing Emerging 2019 Design Trends

Capturing Emerging 2019 Design Trends

From quaint cabins in the woods to beautiful custom builds, for the next few months, we’ve got our sights set on a showcase of 2019 design trends and the best of the Alaskan winter backdrop at our fingertips.

We would love to provide you with real estate photography services that will surely leave you ringing in the New Year right!

Highlighting the Beauty of Homes in the Summer

The summer months provide a great opportunity to showcase the exterior of your home. You can draw attention to outdoor amenities, such as balconies and paths, as well as the views of your landscaping while it is still green and lush.

Here are a few of the homes we photographed this summer and their beauty inside and out!


Summer is the perfect time to capture how this unique home feels like part of the landscape. Almost like it just popped up there one day!


This feeling continues with the exposed beams and rough-hewn bunk beds, as well as the entire loft space upstairs. It’s so homey, cozy, and rustic.


And yet the living room space could fit into any modern home, with comfy couches and a nice, large television. Check out how you still feel like you’re part of the forest with those large windows!


And the kitchen is a perfect blend of both worlds – woodsy but still modern.


This next house evokes feelings of stability and solidity, but the summer greenery keeps it inviting. And there are plenty of comfortable touches to discover inside.


Talk about inviting! It’s like the lanterns on the steps are guiding you up to the door where you will find solace within.


And here is where summer photography really makes a difference. You can see just how many trees there are in the backyard as well as the privacy provided, making that porch the ideal place for kicking back at the end of the day.


At first, this house might not seem to benefit from the summer photo shoot. After all, the landscape appears pretty barren.


But nature is there if you look for it, and the warm weather allowed us to create images like this, really highlighting not just the view but also making the interior space feel connected to the outside.


Even this view from the master bedroom onto the balcony and the woods beyond gives you a great idea of what you could be waking up to.


As this house shows, when you shoot at the right time of year, you can find no shortage of good “view” shots. Like…


…this piano, which feels like it might just decide to float out onto the lawn.


Or this stunning wall of windows.


Or this bath opening out to the sky.


But, of course, where summer photography really shines is with those properties that have a lot of nature to showcase to begin with. The hill down to the entrance of this house works like gravity to suck you in to the natural surroundings.


Like this backyard trail inviting you to explore, and maybe find...


…your own private deck to relax and enjoy the burbling creek.


Even looking out from the house itself, there is such a sense of freedom and openness and space. You are not just buying the walls and ceiling, but your own piece of Alaska.

If you want to highlight the green, natural surroundings of your home, it’s worth thinking about getting pictures taken over the spring or summer – even if you don’t plan to put it on the market for a while. If you also have photos taken during the winter, you can showcase the year-round beauty for the property!