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Why Drone Photography for Real Estate Is Growing More Popular

Photos and videos are some of the most important pieces of a real estate listing. In fact, 95% of home buyers say that photos are the most important factor when shopping for homes.

There are more ways for buyers to share and experience a house through photos and video than ever before. Sellers also have more options when putting their house on the market, and one of the hottest trends for real estate marketers is using drone photography to properly show off listings.

That’s right – drone photography. Real estate photographers love drone photography, and it might just be the key to selling your home for a higher price!

Three Reasons Why Drone Photography Is Effective

Drones truly show off a home’s acreage.

Once the drone is outside, it can show buyers even more… from an even higher angle. There are very few opportunities for sellers to take buyers over every square inch of their property, but a drone can fly up to 400 feet in the United States.

Every acre of your land and the surrounding neighborhood can be shown off from that height! (Don’t believe us? Just watch this gorgeous video below of a listing in Cooper Landing!)

If you have a large amount of land, drone photography is the best way to show potential buyers the true value of your property. Sellers near Eagle River or more secluded areas of Anchorage should seriously consider showing off their house with drone photography.

Drones allow walkthroughs to reach new heights.

Video walkthroughs are quickly becoming one of the hottest ways for realtors to show off their homes. A full walkthrough helps buyers put together the pieces that pictures provide and truly put themselves in their potential home.

Drones are wonderful for walkthroughs because they can record them at eye level… or from the perspective of the ceiling fan! This is something that can make the space feel bigger and even cause it to look more interesting.

Drones also record this walkthrough smoothly. In one shot, photographers can record a full walkthrough that includes every room of the house.

The rooms of your house, no matter what shape or size they are, have a better chance of being shown off with drone photography.

There are more drones on the market than ever.

Did you know the oldest aerial photograph is from 1860? But it wasn’t until the early 2000s that people started using drones to take photos in their backyard. Nowadays, we see drones at every tourist attraction and frequently at local events.

With more models on the market, the quality of photography is only getting better and better, and there are first-rate models available at reasonable price points.

As a result, drone photography has become a more worthwhile investment for real estate marketing.

Use Drone Photography to Sell Your House for a Higher Value

Our team has tested out the best models and used our photography expertise to produce stunning aerial photos and videos for sellers. View our full video portfolio.

Contact the team at DMD Real Estate Photography for more information on how drone photography can help you sell your home for a higher price.

The Power of Video for Real Estate Marketing

The world is becoming a smaller place thanks to our digital connections. Real estate marketers can share content with potential buyers across the globe.

But it isn’t enough just to share some statistics or photos.

Video is becoming an increasingly important part of marketing strategies throughout different industries, but it’s especially handy in the world of real estate. The value that video brings to your homes quickly exceeds the costs and efforts of creating this type of content.

Stats and Facts about Video Content and Marketing

Before we zoom in on the relationship between video and real estate marketing, let’s look at the big picture. No matter what industry you are in, video content is an opportunity that cannot be overlooked.

  • Videos are consistently a factor in the decision-making process. A Vidyard report revealed that nine out of 10 customers say that product videos are helpful when buying.

  • If you want to spread the word about your business or homes, use video. Landing pages with video are shared 40 times more than landing pages without video.

  • Users want more video! In fact, 53% of consumers expect more video content across the web.

  • While consumers often prefer shorter videos, videos encourage viewers to stay on a website for a longer period of time. This helps to boost your reputation with Google. Video content is more likely to put your website on the first page of search engine results, driving a lot of traffic to your business. 

Why Video Is Important for Real Estate Agents

Video helps your home stand out.

Buyers shop for homes for a month or two before buying. In that time, they can look at a lot of homes online. But a video tour can help your buyers remember you. A majority of people (65%) are visual learners, which means that they retain information better if it is presented through visual content. Even a quick walkthrough of a property will stick in a buyer’s head longer than a text-only description of the home.

Video puts buyers in your home.

Well, not literally. But when a buyer sees video content from your perspective, they are more likely to picture themselves living in the home. Video content can also put realtor faces to names, making the content more relatable. When buyers see visual content next to testimonials or in video content, they are more likely to trust the source.

Video gives your brand more personality.

Real estate marketers have a lot of choices to make when they are shooting video. Videos can be shot in the house to show buyers more than they would be able to experience with just pictures or text. But many marketers use this medium to get creative.

Video content can help real estate marketers at every point of the buyer’s journey, from lead generation to securing customer loyalty.

Here are just some ideas for videos that real estate marketers can use to reach business goals:

  • Walkthroughs of homes that are up for sale in the area

  • Tutorials and informational videos for first-time home buyers with questions about the buying process

  • Videos introducing members of the real estate team

  • Live streams of open houses or other events

  • Reviews of local businesses to promote the neighborhood

  • Time-lapse videos of new homes being built

The options are endless!

Video content takes your real estate marketing strategy to the next level. For information on how you can get high-quality video content throughout the Anchorage area, contact the team at DMD Real Estate Photography today. To view more videos by our team you can visit our Vimeo Channel Here.

Highlighting the Beauty of Homes in the Summer

The summer months provide a great opportunity to showcase the exterior of your home. You can draw attention to outdoor amenities, such as balconies and paths, as well as the views of your landscaping while it is still green and lush.

Here are a few of the homes we photographed this summer and their beauty inside and out!


Summer is the perfect time to capture how this unique home feels like part of the landscape. Almost like it just popped up there one day!


This feeling continues with the exposed beams and rough-hewn bunk beds, as well as the entire loft space upstairs. It’s so homey, cozy, and rustic.


And yet the living room space could fit into any modern home, with comfy couches and a nice, large television. Check out how you still feel like you’re part of the forest with those large windows!


And the kitchen is a perfect blend of both worlds – woodsy but still modern.


This next house evokes feelings of stability and solidity, but the summer greenery keeps it inviting. And there are plenty of comfortable touches to discover inside.


Talk about inviting! It’s like the lanterns on the steps are guiding you up to the door where you will find solace within.


And here is where summer photography really makes a difference. You can see just how many trees there are in the backyard as well as the privacy provided, making that porch the ideal place for kicking back at the end of the day.


At first, this house might not seem to benefit from the summer photo shoot. After all, the landscape appears pretty barren.


But nature is there if you look for it, and the warm weather allowed us to create images like this, really highlighting not just the view but also making the interior space feel connected to the outside.


Even this view from the master bedroom onto the balcony and the woods beyond gives you a great idea of what you could be waking up to.


As this house shows, when you shoot at the right time of year, you can find no shortage of good “view” shots. Like…


…this piano, which feels like it might just decide to float out onto the lawn.


Or this stunning wall of windows.


Or this bath opening out to the sky.


But, of course, where summer photography really shines is with those properties that have a lot of nature to showcase to begin with. The hill down to the entrance of this house works like gravity to suck you in to the natural surroundings.


Like this backyard trail inviting you to explore, and maybe find...


…your own private deck to relax and enjoy the burbling creek.


Even looking out from the house itself, there is such a sense of freedom and openness and space. You are not just buying the walls and ceiling, but your own piece of Alaska.

If you want to highlight the green, natural surroundings of your home, it’s worth thinking about getting pictures taken over the spring or summer – even if you don’t plan to put it on the market for a while. If you also have photos taken during the winter, you can showcase the year-round beauty for the property!