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How Many Photos Should Your Listing Have?

We have heard the statistics – tech savvy millennials are dominating the housing market; more than half of homes purchased are originally located via online outlets; and yes, 45% of offers are being made before buyers even step foot in the home.

The fact of the matter remains, however, that buying a home is still one of the most expensive, most important, and most emotional purchases we make. As a result, it is your listing photos left bridging the virtual gap.

Because the initial part of the home-buying process is now taking place online instead of in person, your photos must convey the property’s full potential through its photo gallery all on its own.

So, the only question left then is exactly how many photos do you need?

The short answer: it varies.

But here are a few key elements you’ll want to your photo gallery to address to ensure your potential buyers are hooked on your home.

Tell Me a Story

One great way to decide what photos to include is by imagining you are giving a buyer the grand tour in person. When they visit, what would it be like from the moment they step out of the car?

Decide the path you would take them up the sidewalk and into the home, what the must-see features are, and the story you want them to weave around themselves living here.

Show What You Tell

As you take this imaginary tour, remember, for every detail entered in the listing description, there should be a photo that a buyer can pair up with it.

There’s nothing more disappointing than hearing about an amazing upgrade… then having no photo to zoom in on and examine. It could cost you a buyer’s decision to take a closer look.

Less Can Be More

That said, just like any good author, leaving some detail to the imagination can propel interest to keep exploring the story being told. Highlighting design elements and showcasing the most appealing features of the home are important, but you don’t necessarily need a shot of the same space from every single corner of the room.

Ultimately, the point of the listing gallery is to entice your buyers to make the next move – whether it be a call to set an in-person tour, or to actually submit an offer on the home.

It truly depends on the size and features of the property being listed, but research says that fewer than 10 high-quality snapshots can leave you overlooked, while more than 20 has the potential for being overkill.

Personally, our rule of thumb is to try and offer as many photos as you need in order to tell the story your buyer should hear. However, know that a dozen amazing professional images will always draw more buyer interest than two dozen unthoughtful, un-staged, under-lit listing photos any day.

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