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Alaska's Best Kitchens Magazine Summer 2014

Spring/Summer Edition of Alaska's Best Kitchens Magazine

Spring/Summer Edition of Alaska's Best Kitchens Magazine

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Alaska's Best Kitchens Magazine

Over the past 6 years now I have the opportunity to shoot for this magazine and have seen some incredible kitchens along the way.  Alaska has put out some pretty amazing designs over the last few years.

This cover shot had the most unique countertop I have seen to date.  It was a tree from the Red Wood Forest.  I have no idea how they were able to get it out of there, but it was pretty neat seeing it in person.

This kitchen was particularly fun to photograph because of the large windows that would allow all this beautiful sunlight to shine in, if we had sunlight up here.

Two page spread of the Grand Prize Kitchen

Two page spread of the Grand Prize Kitchen

Due to scheduling we had to shoot this home in the evening and so we didn't get any sunlight, so we improvised and created our own.  I was really happy with the result and so was the designer.

Modern Remodel

The next kitchen was a duplex in downtown Anchorage that had been renovated.  The homeowners wanted to update their kitchen but also keep the family friendly environment.  K&W Interiors did a great job on pulling this all together and within a pretty tight budget I believe.  One of my favorite things about this kitchen is it's size.  I would say this is a pretty common size for most people's kitchens.  You don't have to have a huge space to create your dream kitchen.

Kenai River Kitchen

The Kenai Kitchen was a lot of fun for us for several reasons;  we were celebrating our 10 year Anniversary, the homeowner is a good friend of ours and we also know the cabinet builder!  There is a lot of history in these cabinets.  Check out the full article for the details on where this came from, it's pretty impressive.  You can pick up a copy of the magazine at Allen & Petersen or on the App Store, if you have an iOS device of course.

We were lucky enough to photograph all of the kitchens featured in this edition of the magazine, so if you want to see more...pick up a copy of the magazine.

Behind the Scenes

 My lovely bride playing her part as the "Sun"

I always have so much fun when I get to have my wife Trina on set with me.  She is a great help and brings a different perspective on things.  She always seems to come up with a great shot!

This is the same technique I used on the cover shot above to get that nice light coming in from the windows.  

Final image with our "Sunlight" coming through the windows

Final image with our "Sunlight" coming through the windows