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The Annual Galas: Great Things in 2019 – Beginning from the Inside

They say great things begin from the inside, and two of our clients in particular really know what it means to celebrate their internal teams. It’s one of the reasons we love working with each of them so much!

Both Keller Williams Realty Alaska Group and Century 21 Alaska Premier Group opened the year with an annual gala to honor their efforts over the year behind them, and to raise a glass to everything planned for the one ahead.

Here’s an inside look at how these Alaskan real estate groups kick up their heels!

KW Alaska

Every January, Keller Williams Alaska celebrates their associates for the change they effect in our little community. It’s an evening of cocktails, dinner, and awards.

This year, they really heated the Alaskan winter up, taking the team to steamy Cuba with a Havana Nights theme.

Century21 AK Premier Group

This firm is the epitome of professionalism, and they pride themselves in educating their clients about all the details involved in homebuying. They’re sort of the big brother/big sister of the industry, taking newbies under their wing until they’re ready to fly.

It’s so good to see these folks come together to recognize one another for all the accomplishments they’ve achieved. (Not to mention they clean up pretty nice!)

Here are DMD, we consider ourselves lucky to know and work with each of these real estate families. We can’t wait to see what the rest of 2019 will bring for all of us.

The Power of Online Booking with DMD Real Estate Photography

Few things are more frustrating than having to call to book an appointment with a business.

The process is far from efficient. Here’s what typically happens:

YOU: Hi, I’d like to book an appointment.

BUSINESS: Okay, the earliest I have is tomorrow at 9 am.

YOU: Oh, wow, that’s faster than I expected. Maybe later?

BUSINESS: Later in the day? Later in the week?

YOU: Anything next Monday?

BUSINESS: Sorry, Monday’s booked. I have Tuesday morning.

YOU: I can’t do Tuesday. Wednesday?

BUSINESS: Morning or afternoon?

You get the picture. Not fun, right?

And this is assuming you actually get ahold of them the first time and don’t have to wait on a callback. Or for them to respond to your email.

Even worse, some businesses have you go through this whole dance only to reveal that they’re not actually giving you a specific appointment, but a time range. Meaning you have to hang out for a several-hour block just hoping they show up.

How. Frustrating.

With online booking, DMD Real Estate Photography puts the power in your hands.

How so?

No Calls or Back and Forth

Phone and email tag are so five years ago. We don’t hold back the information you need to book an appointment with our real estate photographers.

Instead our online booking system lets you see it all for yourself, allowing you to handle the entire process on your own and at your leisure.

Specific Dates and Times

When do we have an opening on our schedule? What’s your schedule like? Is it possible to do a specific day and time?

Contacting us with these questions often results in a lot of unnecessary communication on both sides. With our online booking system though, you can look at particular days and times to not only see if we’re available, but who is available as well if you’re interested in using a specific photographer.

You Choose

Going through a person to book an appointment is like ordering without seeing the menu. The server makes suggestions and you say yes or no, but you never really know what the other options might have been.

This is something you don’t have to worry about with online booking. Every open spot is laid out for you, so you can choose the one that works best for you based on your availability.

It’s Easy

Our online system for booking your real estate photographer is incredibly user-friendly and only takes a few minutes. All you need to do is select:

Your Location

Anchorage, Eagle River/Chugiak, Fairbanks, Girdwood, Wasilla/Palmer

Book Now Home Screen

Size of Your Home

Just select the size that is the closet to the size of your home.

Size of Home Screenshot

Choose Your Photographer

You have the option of choosing! If you just want the next available, you can select that as well and our schedule will show the next available appointment.

Choose Your Photographer Screenshot

Select your Date and time

You have control over the date and time of your appointment. Our team works very hard to make it on time. If we are running late for any reason we communicate with you.

Pick your time

Then, just enter your contact info and you’re done!


Want to book the photography appointment the moment you think about it? Our online booking system is mobile-friendly, so you can do it anywhere your phone will go, which is, well, anywhere.

Oh, and when you book an appointment with us, it’s an actual appointment – not a time range.

Online booking with DMD Real Estate Photography – the power to plan ahead.

DMD Client Highlight: Keller Williams Alaska


Often, we hear company goals and mission statements about supporting one another and making a difference together. Still it’s rare to see big ideas like that in action, but the folks at Keller Williams Alaska take their mission seriously. They really do work to build community while building business. I’ve seen it firsthand in our nine years working with them.

Changing lives starts at home – pun intended – and Keller Williams Alaska’s agent-centric approach really has put them in the lead in Alaskan real estate as the #1 broker.

They have a saying, “win-win or no deal,” and that’s for everyone involved: the sellers, the buyers, the agents, and even locals, such as staging professionals, home décor shops, and real estate photographers like us here at DMD.

Another unique advantage of KW is they are a global network of real estate agencies that shares access to the latest and greatest from every market, and they pass that wide-reaching knowledge along to their clients.   

The folks with KW Alaska also go above and beyond by working within our local communities, not only as real estate professionals, but as champions for our kids, our families, and everything else that’s important to making our communities strong.

Here are a few shots from a recent year’s Annual Red Day and initiative operating under the motto “Give Where You Live.” This was a project where KW staff donated their time to help renovate a home for the less fortunate.

Another event we had the chance to record was the KW Backpack for Kids event. The goal was to collect 110 backpacks and fill them with the supplies school-age kids needed for the new year, potentially helping 110 local families and the countless educators depending on the community to help with supplies when parents can’t.

They even have a public charity created to reach out and support each other during times of extreme and unexpected hardship.

I don’t know of any other real estate firm that helps the community in the same or at the same level this group does.

Whether you’re looking for a home or wanting to build a business, I’d recommend the folks at Keller Williams Alaska to anyone. We’re fortunate to work with them, and your decision to find your next home through Keller Williams Alaska is not only a step in the right direction toward making your own dreams come true, but a whole lot of others, too.