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2019 Real Estate Photography Trends in Alaska

Over the years DMD has been photographing homes in Alaska, we’ve seen all kinds of shifts in what potential buyers expect when they click on a listing. Generic images of your client’s home - even really good ones - often aren’t enough anymore.

Evolving technology has given us all kinds of new, fun tools, but that means people start expecting them. Below, we’ll cover some of the hottest trends in real estate photography this year. 

When searching for a real estate photographer, ask about whether or not they offer these services (we do!). The more unique your listings are, the more likely they will catch the attention of buyers.

Drone Photography

Drones aren’t so well-loved at tourist attractions and theme parks, but they are a real estate photographer’s best friend!


Aerial photography, typically captured by drones, can beautifully show off a client’s property. A photo taken from above can show a home, the home’s backyard, and the surrounding area in a single shot. 

Buyers spend the most time looking at the photos of a home’s exterior. Make them count. 

Virtual Tours 

Professional real estate photographers like the professionals at DMD are not limited to just taking still photos of each room. Virtual tours give users a more interactive and thorough look at homes on the market. They’re not just more informative - they’re fun! 

And the stats show that this engagement helps to sell houses faster. When listings feature virtual tours, buyers will spend 5-10x longer taking a peek. 

This extra time not only helps the buyer remember the listing, it also makes them more familiar with the property - a factor that makes the property more likeable. A virtual tour can easily lift a property from a buyer’s top five to their top choice. 

Virtual Staging 

You understand staging. It’s what allows users to see what your clients’ home will look like when there’s actual furniture in it. Typically very nice, very visually attractive furniture. 

But as you’re also probably aware, staging can put a big dent in your budget. All that furniture doesn’t come for free, after all. 

Virtual staging is just what it sounds like. We take pictures of empty rooms and then digitally insert the furniture you want during the editing process. 

Not only do you not have to pay to rent and move actual furniture, we have lots of style options for you to choose from. 

Mobile-Optimized Images for Listings

It’s easy to upload your photos online through your computer and call it a day. But these days, your real estate photos need to be optimized for mobile to give you the best possible chance to reach people (especially millennials) searching for homes on their smartphones and other mobile devices. 

How do you do this?

Changing the dimensions of the photo can help to make the photo more responsive across all devices. This means the photos will load faster, making it easier for mobile users to look at your clients’ homes and make a decision.

Talk to your real estate photographer about the responsiveness of their photos and how you can optimize them for mobile devices. 

Reach out to DMD for more information on how you can take advantage of these trends and sell your clients’ homes faster.