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DMD Client Highlight: Century 21 Realty Solutions

Legend has it that when the founders of Century 21 finally settled on the name, it was based on the idea of nodding to the future while also giving the feeling of already having been around for a very long time.

Little did they know then that nearly half a century later, this firm would be the most recognized name in real estate – even as far out as the Alaskan backcountry. And the very reason they are so well-recognized even into the outreaches of Alaska is the level of professionalism each and every member of this firm upholds.

Folks like Michael Droege, a lifelong Alaskan more interested in fundraising for St. Jude’s on his birthday than anything else. Krystal Rogers, Team Leader of Wasilla and Owner bringing more than 18 years of experience to helping thousands of families relocating to this state. And Larry Burke, a former military man himself, who continues to demonstrate the loyalty and integrity ingrained in him through his service to the country.

These are the people keeping the Century 21 mission alive, and paving the way for newer agents like Ryan Kowal, who is already greatly praised by his own growing list of clients.

They bring knowledge and heart to homebuying, and DMD is so impressed with the way these guys work with us and other local-market vendors. We don’t know of any other company that so openly works to share with and educate everyone on the ins and outs of the industry.

We are always honored to be called on by any one of the agents throughout the handful of branches in the Anchorage area, and look forward to sliding into that “Century” mark with them… in another 50 years.

Century 21 Awards Gala 2019