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Five Reasons You Should Update Your Headshots


Headshots aren’t just for actors and entertainers anymore. Anyone in the business world that communicates online should have a headshot – and update it regularly. This is especially true for real estate agents, because as every good agent knows, a big part of what you’re selling is you!

If you’re a real estate agent in Anchorage, Eagle River, or the Palmer/Wasilla area and you either haven’t taken a headshot or still have one from pre-Internet days, it’s time to contact a headshot photographer and get in front of the camera again.

Why You Should Update Your Headshots


The World Is More Digital Than Ever

If a strange number calls your phone, you might Google it to see who is calling. If you’re working a new territory, you’ll probably end up looking at local restaurant reviews to find a good place for lunch. In fact, if you have any questions or need any information, you’re probably going to search online.

As the world gets more of its information digitally, it’s important to have an online presence. Recruiters, clients, and colleagues may look you up on LinkedIn, Twitter, or just a regular search engine to get to know you. A professional headshot from a skilled real estate photographer makes a good impression and helps form a connection before you even meet.

Your Appearance Has Probably Changed Since Your Last Headshot

A good headshot reflects who you are...today. Sure, you may not be using your headshot on a dating website, but we all know how awkward you can feel when you are expecting to meet someone and a “different person” shows up. If you have lost or gained weight, changed your hairstyle, or adopted any other sort of new look, it’s time to update your headshot.

You Need Variety

Headshots don’t have to be stiff and serious. If you want to portray a more fun image, get a headshot that reflects that part of your personality. Just think about what message your headshot is sending to potential clients. It all depends on who your audience is and who you’re trying to attract.

Your Current Headshot Is a Selfie

Sure, cameras are taking better and better pictures these days. But if your headshot only shows half of your face at a high angle, people will only think one thing: you just put a selfie on your LinkedIn. Anyone can agree that a professional photo, taken by someone else, sends a more grown-up message than a selfie or a “mirror pic.”

Why Not?

Luckily, headshots don’t require a lot of setup. Anyone can get a professional headshot done quickly and for an affordable price. Send potential clients the right message by updating your headshot today.

Get Professional Headshots and Business Portraits with DMD Real Estate Photography

If you’re a real estate agent in the Anchorage, Eagle River, or Palmer/Wasilla areas, getting a professional headshot is easier than ever. The team at DMD knows how important headshots are in today’s digital world. We can come to you and take headshots that will be in your hands (or on your computer) in no time.

Fill out this business portrait request and we will set up an appointment with you ASAP.