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The Power of a 3D Virtual Tour of a Home for Sale

It’s no secret that great real estate photos sell properties. People like to be able to visualize a place. Photos tell them what they’re going to get without having to leave their chair.

3D virtual tours take this idea an amazing leap forward.

They don’t just let prospective buyers see a property from afar, but virtually enter the space and give it a “walkthrough.” They can imagine themselves in the property and how good it would feel. This type of immersion can get potential buyers even more excited about a property. They’ll be that much closer to making an offer.

Take a look at two examples:

According to REALTOR, listings that feature a virtual tour are viewed 40% more often than those that don’t. And a 2007 “Planet Home Study” found that 75% of prospective buyers prefer virtual tours to help in decision making. 

Here are some more ways that utilizing 3D virtual tours can benefit you.

Make the weather a non-issue. The weather here isn’t always ideal for driving from place to place to tour homes. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking in Eagle River, Wasilla, or somewhere in between. Tours can be difficult to schedule during certain times of the year, because you never know when the roads might become impassable. 3D virtual tours ensure people can consider your property even if the elements aren’t cooperating. 

Respect the privacy of sellers. Working around the weather is hard enough, but then you have to factor in the availability of the property itself. And some sellers are less flexible than others. They only want people touring on certain days or during certain hours, and this can be so restrictive you lose potential buyers. But you can “schedule” virtual tours whenever you want – 24/7!

Ease unsure buyers along. Buying a house is a big decision. But all that most people have to go on are photographs and how they felt walking through the property. Providing them with the opportunity to take a 3D virtual tour offers another touchstone – a way for them to imagine the space and see themselves in it. If you have prospective buyers who just aren’t quite sure, this can be the tipping point.

Save time, save money, improve efficiency. When you help buyers weed out homes with a virtual tour, you’re wasting less money and time for both you and them – less driving time, more tours per hour, and so on. If you can help your clients to see more properties faster than your competitors, that’s an advantage.

Expand your buyer pool. Real estate agents tend to think locally – and for good reason! But as we become increasingly connected, more and more people are willing to buy outside their immediate geographic location. Virtual tours can help you to sell properties to people in other states – and even other countries – who may not be able to make it for a real, physical tour.

Interested in learning more? Ask us about our 3D virtual tour services!