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Downtown Anchorage Luxury Home - Alaska Real Estate Photography

New Construction by MX&B Development

Parkstrip Living

There are few places downtown Anchorage to live that are as coveted as the Parkstrip.  Living close to downtown has always been a place many people want.  With the aging homes of the parkstrip many people decide to either remodel or start from scratch.  This home did the latter and started from scratch.  The developer MX&B spent a long time on this project and it shows in the details.  Unfortunately we don't have all the details to share with you in writing but we do in photography.  Below is a collection and highlights of this custom downtown Anchorage home.

Exterior Photos

Anybody that drives through downtown Anchorage has seen this home.  It's location on the corner of 11th and L street puts right in the heart of the parkstrip.

Interior Photos

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