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Staging a Home

Staging a Home for Real Estate Marketing

We love when homes are staged and ready for photography!  Walking into a staged home, I immediately feel at home and at ease.  There is a huge difference between an unstaged, cluttered home and one that has been all cleaned up and decorated to showcase the home.  We work with lots of stagers in Anchorage and Wasilla and have found several that we really like.  We even have some Realtors that do their own staging, and do a good job at it.  Here is an example of a home that was staged by one of our clients - Lora Nordstrom of Jack White Real Estate in Anchorage Alaska.


Home for Sale:  1706 Stanton Ave. Anchorage AK 99508

Alaska MLS #14-11578

I have been on multiple photo shoots with Lora and have been very impressed with the attention to detail she gives when preparing a home to be marketed.  We really appreciate her dedication and we love when we get to photograph one of her homes.

The Details

Adding some green and some color to this furniture really finishes off this room.  It doesn't take much and you can definitely overdue it, but adding some decorations really brings this area to life.

Before and After 

Here are some examples of before and after the staging.  The photos also so the difference between an average Real Estate Agents photos and ours.  

This is what the home looked like when Lora showed up for the appointment.  This photo was taken with her iPhone, which is actually very popular for MLS listings.

Another great example of room that with a little bit of help can really stand out.  In this case Lora added a new bed spread and pillows as well as a piece of artwork that tied in with the colors.   Add some lighting and you now have a great looking bedroom photograph.

And the last example shows just a bit of cleaning up, removing towels and adding some plants to the scene.  With a wider angle shot and some good lighting you can really see and get the feel for this Master Bathroom now.

"First Impressions are Critical"

Dressing to impress is something we all have done to get a job or a 2nd date. Why should our homes be any different? Buyers are shopping on the internet now more than ever and that first impression is critical. When people hire me to sell their home, it is my job to get buyers in the door! I love the challenge of transforming the home into a showpiece through creative staging. Without a way to showcase the final product, all my efforts would be wasted. DMD Real Estate Photography does an amazing job of making what I do look its VERY best! It really is a collaborative effort. Without staging, the photos would be lacking in spacial purpose, color and overall buyer appeal. Without the photography, the staging would be lacking a professional presence that adds to the home’s perceived value. I’m all about putting your best foot forward and then having that confidence in knowing that no matter what, you did your best. My clients deserve nothing less!
— Lora Nordstrom - Jack White Real Estate

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