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My Creative Wife

Homemade Craft Ideas For Christmas

I have an amazing wife!  While I am sound asleep in my warm bed she is up in the middle of the night making gifts for family members.  I woke up this morning around 6 am to find her with all her crafting equipment sprawled all over the house, totally focused on creating the perfect Christmas Tree gift for her brother.

Each ornament is completely homemade from a variety of twine, sticks, popsicles sticks and a ton of hot glue.

I of course had to photograph it for her as I was amazed at the creativity and detail she put into each of these ornaments.  Here are some detail shots of the ornaments she created.

Her work in progress

It's much easier to go shopping for the holidays instead of spending the time to make something homemade.  I am proud of my wife for always looking for ways to create instead of just buy.  Hopefully these images will give you an idea of some easy to do yourself ornament ideas.

Merry Christmas!