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Equipment We Use

Camera Body

- I love my Canon 5D Mark III, but you don't have to use this camera.  You can start out with any DSLR camera you prefer and as you get better you will want to upgrade.  We have a mix of camera bodies on our team - 5D Mark III, 5D Mark II, 6D, Nikon D7000 and Nikon D7100

Wide Angle Lens

 - Depending on the camera.  We use a 17-40 mm lens for most of our interior work.


ThinkTank Card Wallets

 - Keeping our shoot organized is really easy with these wallets.  The blue wallet holds our available cards and the  red wallet has the used cards.


Yongnuo YN560-III

 - I love this flash!  It is super affordable, durable and it has a built receiver so it will fire anywhere in a home.  I carry about 6 of these with me on every home.


Sunpak 6601UT Tripod

- Small Lightweight Tripod that we use as light stands (2).  We use tripods because they are very versatile.  We can hide lights anywhere with these.


Rechargeable Batteries

- You can never have too many batteries.  We have two sets for each flash in our bag


YongNuo YN560-TX

-  This transmitter mounts on top of your camera and allows you to fire all of your flashes.  If you decide, you can even control the power of your lights from here.


ThinkTank Mirrorless mover 30I

- This bag is perfect to carry 4 of our YN560-III lights with me as I move through the home.


House slippers

- I can't even explain how much I love having house shoes with me.  Walking in socks all day hurts the feet.  They even protect from the occasional step in something weird scenario!

iPhone Video Gear

Moment Lenses are amazing and really enhance the use of an iPhone. We currently use the 18mm Wide and the 58 mm Tele.

To use the lenses you also need to purchase the case for your iPhone. The lenses clip into the case and are easy to change in and out.

The most important tool to get good smooth footage is the gimbal. I have been using the Movi Gimbal and really like it.

You can purchase this gimbal on the same site as the Moment Lenses or you can order direct from FreeFly.

Click Here for Gimbal on Moment


The last piece needed is the counterweight. The gimbal won’t balance with a lens added without this.


All of our bags come from ThinkTank Photo

Full Disclosure:  We are not affiliated with ThinTank Photo, we do not receive any freebies or any money from them - We just LOVE their gear!

Dave's Camera Bag Collection!

Dave's Camera Bag Collection!