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 How To: Pay for and Download Your Photos

This quick overview will walk you through how to pay for and download your photos from our website.

Step 1: Oder items button

Once inside your Gallery you will see the order items button in the upper right corner.

Gallery View

Gallery View

order items button.png

Click on the Order Items button and you will see the option to order your shoot. The pricing here is your total package price for what you ordered.

order digital files.png

Step 2: Add Digital files to your cart

add to cart.png

Once the package has been added to your cart you simply checkout like you would on any other online shopping cart.

Step 3: Checkout

Our checkout system is outlined below.

review order.png

Once payment has been received you will receive an email receipt.

Thanks for Payment.                 .png

Step 4: Download your images

Once the invoice has been paid the next step is to download the files to your computer. Your order will open after your credit card processes and you will see a download button at the top of the invoice.


Once you click on the download button our system is ready to create a zip file with all your images. The next screen asked for you email address, that is the systems trigger to zip the files together.

request download.png

After you put in your email address and request the download, go ahead and refresh your screen and the download option will be ready.

download is ready.png

The download will start after you click the download part 1 of 1 button. It will auto download to your Download folder on your computer. If you are using a PC you will need to extract the files from the zip file. When you click on the folder, it will have an option to extract. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our office for help.

That’s it! Your photos are downloaded and ready to use on your listing!