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How To:  Upload Photos to Viewshoot


Step 1: Log into Viewshoot

To access Viewshoot navigate to: https://dmdrealestatephotography.viewshoot.com/login

Username: admin@dmdrealestatephotography.com

Password: tajd4047

  • Locate the same address and click on the blue link.
  • Click on the blue address to open the shoot details.
  • Click on the Photos tab and then drop all the photos from the download onto the dialog box.

The photos will upload and then auto refresh when they are done.  The upload process looks like this:

Step 3: Check off your tasks in daylite

  • Search Daylite for the Opportunity you are working on
  • Select the Opportunity by typing in the address
  • Double click to open the opportunity
  • All the details will be on the left hand side of the screen.
  • The open tasks will be assigned to you on the right hand side.
    • Check off your tasks as complete

step 4: verify product to be delivered

  • The keywords will tell you the different things you will need to know for each shoot as well as the type
  • If all you see is something like above with the following keywords and type:
    • Viewshoot
    • Photo Package
  • You are ready to move on to Step 5 and finish this job



  • If you see something like this:

Move on to the next section where we learn how to deal with Tourbuzz, Export Tour as Video and Floor Plans.



step 5: Finalize the shoot and deliver to client

  • Click on the Admin tab once the photos have finished uploading.
  • Choose the Shoot Options Button
  • Select Finalize

It will take the system a few minutes to bundle the images into a folder and send the notification email to our client.  Just be patient here and let it do it's thing.

Make sure the Send Notification is checked, otherwise our client won't get their email.

Make sure the Send Notification is checked, otherwise our client won't get their email.


next step:  Set up tourbuzz shoots