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How To:  Schedule a Shoot on ViewShoot


How to Video:

This video will walk you through the steps to scheduling an appointment within ViewShoot.  All the steps are also listed below.


Step 1:  Log In

When a client books an appointment with us, we will receive an email notification with all the details of the appointment.  Our preference is you would receive these emails with Apple's Mail program.  By using Apple Mail you can create appointments and jobs within Daylite without ever having to leave Mail.

Example Email Notification

Example email with all the details we will need to set up an appointment and an opportunity with Daylite

Example email with all the details we will need to set up an appointment and an opportunity with Daylite

  • Search for existing job
    • If job doesn't exist within our opportunities then we will need to set up a new one
    • If job does exist then you will simply select it here under objectives
  • Copy all the details from the email above.
    • Everything starting from name: all the way down to Appointment Contact Phone Number

Step 2: create an appointment

  • Select the plus sign by the appointment section
  • Add Name of Listing Agent
  • Add Type of Photo Shoot
  • Add Name of Photographer
  • Add Location/Address of Listing
  • Change Category to DMD Real Estate Photography
  • Paste the details from above (copy everything in yellow)
  • Select the Date and Time of shoot.  Look for the duration in the email details.  Make sure the timezone is set to Alaska Time


  • Set the owner field to the name of the assigned photographer in the email details
  • Save the appointment

step 3: Create opportunity

  • Within Daylite in the upper left corner you have the option to create a New Opportunity
  • The title of the opportunity is the full address of the photo shoot.
  • Keywords will be found on the clients profile.  You will only need to include a few of them
    • The Photographers Name
    • View Shoot or Tourbuzz - this depends on what system we will deliver their images
    • Any discount keywords found on our pricing chart page.
  • Category will be set to DMD Real Estate Photography
  • Choose the type of package.  You will see the type in the email notification
  • Set the start date to the date of the appointment
  • Paste the appointment details into the details field
  • Link the Realtor by selecting their name under the add person button.
  • Set the owner to the assigned photographer
  • Next click on the Progress Tab along the top of the New Opportunity window that is open
  • Change the Pipeline to the type of shoot; in this example it would be a Photo Package
  • If there is a floor plan ordered then you would simple start the pipeline at that stage.
  • If there is no floor plan ordered then you would skip to the View Shoot stage.
  • Set the start date to the date of the shoot and click on Change Stage
  • Save All

Step 4: link everything together

  • Return to the email and select the + sign for the objectives
  • Select the Opportunity by typing in the address
  • Select the appointment by click on the arrow on the right side
  • Click on Edit
  • Click on Link
    • Select the opportunity by searching for the address
  • Save
  • Verify everything is linked up properly

next step:  Set up photo shoot on view shoot