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Denny Wells - Photographer

Born in Anchorage and raised in Fairbanks, Denny developed a strong love for Alaska and its natural beauty. After college, a 6-month road trip around the US and 2 years with the Peace Corps in Thailand also instilled a love of travel. He initially relocated to Anchorage for his wife to attend UAA, and has decided this is a great place to set down roots and raise his daughters.

Denny loves working with his camera and lights.  Whether it is the technical challenge of properly lighting your home for maximum effect, waiting for the sun to be just right on an Alaskan landscape, or seeking to craft compelling portraits, he is seldom far from his camera. 

Having searched for property of his own in Anchorage, Denny understands how critical compelling images can be. He strives to capture images that give a sense of place, a sense of the flow from room-to-room, and images that show homes in their best light.