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Floor Plans Add Value to Real Estate Marketing

Online listings are the first impression of a property in most cases. In fact, many prospective buyers have all but made up their minds on the property prior to the showing.

Visually appealing photos are key for getting the attention of potential buyers. But once buyers have been drawn in by those images, they want to know if the property provides what they need. This is where floor plans come in.

Here are a few reasons why floor plans make an impact with buyers.


Floor plans provide valuable information.

A good online real estate listing should not only grab buyers’ attention, but also provide enough information about the property to help buyers determine if they’d like to move forward with a showing.

A prospective buyer will want to get an idea of the property’s layout to see how it flows and determine if the property meets their needs. By providing a floor, you ensure that prospective buyers know what to expect before the showing, increasing your chance of a showing leading to a sale.

Floor plans make a property more appealing and memorable.

A floor plan helps prospective buyers imagine themselves in the property. Some buyers may even use floor plans to help map out what certain rooms would be used for and where furniture and other items could be placed. This helps buyers become more attached a property, increasing your chance of a sale.

A floor plan can also help buyers remember a property. How many times have you done a walk-through, only to forget the property’s layout? Referring back to the floor plan and photos can help buyers accurately remember what they’ve seen.


Floor plans can highlight a property’s assets.

In some cases, floor plans can be used to emphasize a property’s unique aspects.

For example, if a house has an open-concept design suitable for entertaining, a floor plan can place emphasis on this. Similarly, a floor plan can draw attention to the existence of offices or bonus rooms.

Bottom line? Together with excellent photography, floor plans can make a listing stand out in prospective buyers’ minds both before and after the showing.