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AgentREbox Team Tutorials 

How to Upload Images to our Editor Team

Step 1: Login

The website to upload photos to our editors is http://agentrebox.photographer.solutions

The password is:  reboxphotos


Step 2: Create a new order

Add the address in the open form.  Only use the street address, don't include the city.  Click on the Red OK? to turn it green.

Under the Export Options:  Don't change any other settings and then click on the next red OK? to turn it green and then click on the Queue Photos button.

Step 3: Upload photos

Once on the Queue Photos tab - select the "Enable Auto Grouping" button.

Select Auto Grouping for Every 3 photos.  This will auto group your images based on the file name.

Once that is all set then simple drop ALL of your images here:

If you have any special requests or notes you want to relay to the editor you can fill out the notes section.  This is a great place to give directions of things you want removed from the the photos, like cars or trash cans.  Of if you want to tell the team to be careful not to erase the mountain views when they add in a blue sky for a sky replacement etc.

Click on the red OK? and the click on Start Upload

thats it!  You're all done!